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Urban Decay: Get the creeps with Meat Loaf

Sat 18 Nov 2006, 22:45 PM

Last summer Meat Loaf was also very busy with the recordings of a new horror movie: "Urban Decay".

The movie is about a man-eating monster terrorizing the city streets.
Meat Loaf plays the character of DJ Rick Zero.

Poster Urban Dacay

Watch the trailer on Myspace.


For the second week on number 26

Fri 17 Nov 2006, 09:00 AM

This week (46th) the single "It's all coming back to me now" has a #26 notation in the Dutch TOP40 charts. That's the same notition as last week. Hopefully a better notition next week.


It's All Coming Back To Me Now in Dutch Top40

Thu 9 Nov 2006, 21:20 PM

This week (44th) the single "It's all coming back to me now" entered the Dutch TOP40 charts with a #26 notation. We can't complain, but the single deserves a higher notation! Maybe next week.


Meat Loaf in The Pick Of Destiny

Mon 6 Nov 2006, 21:00 PM

In November of 2006 a new movie will be released. This movie is titled The Pick Of Destiny, with Tenacious D. The movie is about the rockduo Jack Black and Kyle Gass. In this movie they give an explanation about how Tenacious D became the best rockband of all time.

In the movie Meat Loaf plays the stongly religious father of Jack Black.

Meat in The Pick Of Destiny

You can see the first six minutes of the movie here. In this first six minutes you'll see Meat Loaf in action!